Bottle Opener / Corkscrew Printing Jig - Custom Jigs Inspiration

Are you looking for a bottle opener or corkscrew printer jig? At flatbed jigs we offer printer jigs for printing and personalising bottles openers and corkscrews, from wooden and metal to keyring style and other unique designs that you may have for your bar, pub, restaurant, micro brewery or promotional events company. 

We can provide printing jigs for lots of different bottle opener designs:
Bottle opener corkscrew jigsBottle opener corkscrew jigsBottle opener corkscrew jigs

If you have blank bottle openers and corkscrews and want to personalise, print designs or add company logos / brands using your flatbed printer then look no further, we can make a jig specifically designed to your printing requirements.

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Bottle Opener Corkscrew
Flatbed jigs specialise in designing and manufacturing printer jigs for flatbed printing machines such as Roland and Mimaki. We have a range of pre-designed jig choices for standard items such as pens, USB memory sticks, phone cases, shapes and more.  

For items that differ is size and shape we offer our offer a custom jig service where we can design a bespoke printing jig made exactly to your requirements. These can be anything from fairly simple shapes to printing on intricate objects. We specialise in flatbed printer jigs for Roland and Mimaki UV digital printers and can ship within the UK or further afield such as USA, Australia and other European EU countries.  Our jigs can also be made to fit other flatbed machines providing we are supplied with specific measurements and specifications. 

All our printer jigs are supplied with a digital PDF layout file to speed up your production and ensure 100% accuracy and increase printing efficiency.

If you would like to use our custom jig service then get in touch with us today and we’d happily discuss your requirements. Usually we will ask you to send us samples of the item you would like a jig for and we will design a custom jig that is made specifically for you and your printing requirements.

We About our Jig System

Before using your custom jig we recommend fitting our bed base & ruler guide to your Roland flatbed printer.

Our unique jig system combines a bed base and ruler marked with a grid to aid alignment when positioning items. This is combined with a range of quick change jigs that are supplied with a digital set up file, to ensure rapid and accurate placement of blank products, aiding efficiency and cost savings in your production methods.

East to use jigs

To get the most benefit from our products you will need to order a “Bed Base & Ruler Guide” to fit your flatbed printer (once) then place your chosen jigs on your machine.

We recommend that our jigs are used with our bed base and ruler guide as this is our tried and tested method which guarantees accurate, efficient and cost effective printing. Minimising the risk of miss-prints and wasted stock simply place the required jig onto the bed base, no need for screws or fixing into place, load the blank products and printing files and away you go.

Flatbed Jigs are UK based but we can ship globally, from USA to Australia and in-between. Get in touch today if you have any questions or would like a quote about a custom jigs or our bespoke jig service.

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