At Flatbed Jigs our motto is PRINTING MADE EASY and that's exactly what our jig system has enabled for our customers, but it all started with years of experience of trying to improve the way we printed too.  Once we came up with a system that worked so well, we wanted to share it with you.

Watch our PRO jig system overview video below that explains how it all works.

Our PRO jig system works with our clever bed base & ruler guide and we also offer generic jigs for flatbed printers such as A4 and A3.  

Need more information?  In this section we will answer many of your questions such as.... how our printing jigs work, why choose flatbed jigs, what is a bed base and ruler guide, what jig do I use for my flatbed machine, can I use my own blank products, do you make custom jigs....and many more.  If you sill have questions after reading through, then get in touch and a member of our team will happily help.


A little about our PRO jigs and what they offer:




Our PRO jig system is 'interchangeable' meaning other jigs may be compatible with your machine using part the bed space.  You may even be able to use some of our smaller printing jigs on different models / manufactures flatbed machines including switching between Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh.


If you're just starting out and have a Roland LEF-12 and buy one of our 'Optimised Roland LEF 12 Series Jigs', after a few months you find your orders are high and decide to invest in a bigger flatbed printer and choose the Roland LEF-200.  You can either go for an 'Optimised Roland LEF 200 Series Jig'  or use a 'Compatible Roland LEF 200 Series Jig'.  Equally if you invested in a Mimaki UJF 6042 then your previous 'Optimised Roland LEF 12 Series Jigs' would still be compatible with your new Mimaki. 

With the cost of a new flatbed printer the added cost of investing in a set of new jigs for that specific machine can be very high especially if you have a range of products (and a range of jigs).  In this example our 12 series jig not only fits the Roland LEF-12 series, but is compatible with the Roland LEF / SF 20 & 200 series and well as the Roland LEF 300 series and other manufactures and models such as the Mimaki 6042, but uses part of the bed space.  That means as your business grows our jigs can grow with you. 



Once you've fitted our bed base and ruler guide (we'll explain what this is a little further down) you can simply place your printing jigs on to your flatbed printer, set up your job and away you go.  You can swap between production jobs within minutes (or seconds with our pro jigs which are pre-loadable off the machine).



None of our jigs needs screwing down onto your machine (which saves so much time), they are made to a specific specification that fits our bed base and ruler guide which allows you to line up your jig and keeps it securely in place.



Our jigs ensure 100% accuracy and enable professional precision printing every time meaning you can offer a consistent product to your customers with no worry of struggling to align and set up your product jobs.



All of our jigs are supplied with a handy digital printing layout guide that's compatible with leading design software such as Adobe and Corel Draw.  These templates allow you to design products and artwork to exactly the right size, once exported you then match up your artwork with your production file, making it so easy to know where exactly to place your blank items in each printing space correlating to your design file.



When you decide on Flatbed Jigs, there's no contract or limitations of using a certain type of blank product that you want to print on.  You can source your own items, i.e. an iPhone case and find one of our PRO jigs that's compatible with your product.  We suggest sending a couple of samples to ensure they fit.  If you have a slightly different design or are looking for something more specialist or obscure then you can always use our custom jig service too where we can make a printing jig exactly to your requirements.


About our PRO Jig System:


Our unique PRO jig system combines a bed and ruler marked with a grid to aid alignment when positioning items with a range of quick change jigs that are supplied with a digital set up file, to ensure rapid and accurate placement of blank products, aiding efficiency and cost savings in your production methods.


To get the most benefit from our products you will need to order a “Bed Base & Ruler Guide” to fit your printer and ensure the jigs fit the products you wish to print onto.  This is a one time only process and once it's fitted you be able to place jigs straight onto it with ease.

Bed Base and Ruler Guide for Roland LEF 12 Flatbed PrinterExample: Bed Base & Ruler Guide

We recommend that our PRO jigs are used with our bed base and ruler guide as this is our tried and tested method which guarantees accurate, efficient and cost effective printing minimising the risk of miss-prints and wasted stock.  Simply place the required jig onto the bed base, no need for screws or fixing into place, load the blank products and printing files and away you go.

If your business model is small quantities of products then 'Optimised Smaller Jigs' such as the Roland LEF 12 will be ideal.  If you want to test blanks and prototypes (before committing to a specific jig) that may suitable for your business requirements then our pegboard is just what you need. To maximise your machines output for high volume production then 'optimised PRO Jigs' will give you the most efficient and cost effective production using every available area of your flatbed printer.

Which PRO printing are compatible with your flatbed printer?

  1. First ensure our Bed Base & Ruler Guide has been fitted to your flatbed printer prior to using our jigs.
  2. When searching for a jig you can either:
    • Search by your machine: i.e. Roland LEF 200 Series
    • Search by product type: i.e. Golf Balls
    • Start by checking if the jig is 'optimised for' your machine, if you don't see it in the optimised list then go on to check it's 'compatible with' your machine

Our Jigs Explained:

Optimised JigsOptimised PRO Jigs: 

  • These jigs have been specifically designed for a particular machine make and model. 
  • They use the full bed space and optimise the printing area.

Compatible JigsCompatible PRO Jigs

  • These jigs will fit on other machines but only use part of the bed space

PRO Jigs:

  • Use our Bed Base & Ruler Guide
  • Pre-loadable off your machine
  • Ideal for high volume production
  • Best for minimum machine downtime

TIP - Smaller Machine Jigs

  • Also ideal for product development & small production runs as they can be compatible with larger flatbed machines.
  • Example: if you have a Roland LEF 300 but are testing a new product line you may want to order a jig for the LEF 12 Series, this will still be compatible with your LEF300 but will use part the bed space.

We also supply generic jigs such as A4 and A3 sized for use on generic flatbed printers that are A4 or A3 in size.  These jigs are designed to be placed directly on to your flatbed printer and aligned on your machine.

Custom Jigs Service


We offer a custom jig service for bespoke jigs and made to order service, so if you require a jig for a unique product, have a specialist item or something that's very interact please contact us and we will do our best to help.  We can ship our custom jigs within the UK, EU or worldwide to places such as USA, Canada, Australia and more.


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