Which PRO printing jigs are compatible with your flatbed printer?

  1. First ensure our Bed Base & Ruler Guide has been fitted to your flatbed printer prior to using our PRO jigs (note this is not required for Generic Jigs).
  2. When searching for a jig you can either:
    • Search by your machine: i.e. Roland LEF 200 Series
    • Search by product type: i.e. iPhone Gel Phone Case
    • Start by checking if the jig is 'optimised for' your machine, if you don't see it in the optimised list then go on to check it's 'compatible with' your machine

Our Jigs Explained:

Optimised JigsOptimised PRO Jigs: 

  • These jigs have been specifically designed for a particular machine make and model. 
  • They use the full bed space and optimise the printing area.

Compatible JigsCompatible PRO Jigs:

  • These jigs will fit on other machines but only use part of the bed space

PRO Jigs:

  • Use our Bed Base & Ruler Guide
  • Pre-loadable off your machine
  • Ideal for high volume production
  • Best for minimum machine downtime

TIP - Smaller Machine Jigs

  • Also ideal for product development & small production runs as they can be compatible with larger flatbed machines.
  • Example: if you have a Roland LEF 300 but are testing a new product line you may want to order a jig for the LEF 12 Series, this will still be compatible with your LEF300 but will use part the bed space

We also supply generic jigs such as A4 and A3 sized for use on generic flatbed printers that are A4 or A3 in size. These jigs are designed to be placed directly on to your flatbed printer and aligned on your machine.


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