If you are looking for custom jigs for your flatbed printer, need a specialist printing jig, have a large format flatbed machine or need a completely bespoke size printer jig then we're happy to help.  We can design jigs for Roland, Mimaki, and Mutoh flatbed machines as well as large format and jigs for other flatbed printers.

You can either give us a call or email us with your requirements. If emailing please give as much detail as possible, i.e. the product type, quantity required, size, shape and budget. To speed up the process please also include your delivery address and the date required (taking note of our 4-6 week custom jig manufacture timing post order confirmation).


Custom Jigs
  • Get in Touch: Email us or call us to discuss your jig requirements in as much detail as possible. Be sure to tell us what flatbed printing machine it's for, i.e. Roland LEF 200, Mimaki UJF, New Roland IU-1000F Large Format UV

  • Send us a Photo: We will try our best to advise on the jig based on seeing a photo of the item you want to print, but we may need samples.

  • Send us Samples: If we need more information then send us at least 2 samples of the product / item you want to print on.  Please complete the "sample product form" and include it within your package (we need your name, company and email to match your samples to your enquiry). Send your samples to the following UK address: Twiddleys LTD, Heol Ddu Farm, Heol y Foel, Foelgastelln Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK, SA14 7ET
  • Quote & Approval: We will generate a quote based on the complexity on the jig design.  Once you confirm if you want to go ahead with your order and make payment we will send your jig into the design process.

  • Manufacture your Jig: A specialist designer will design your jig and it will be manufactured using precision cutting technology and state of the art machinery

  • Making your Jig: Once designed your jig will be sent to our production team to manufacture using state of the art machinery.

  • Shipping your Jig:  When your jig is ready it will be boxed up using our highly rated proactive packaging and sent to our dispatch department.

  • Receive your Jig: We send your completed specialist custom jig along with and a PDF artwork layout file which will be emailed over to you.

Please note our specialist jigs may take several weeks to design and create due to the complex nature of the jig. 

  • Standard orders are dispatched within 2 - 4 weeks from the UK (these are jig available to order via our website)
  • Custom orders are dispatched within 5 - 6 weeks from the UK (this if following order confirmation & payment)
    (these are bespoke jigs that are made via custom order)

Custom Jigs

Our custom jig service offers printer jigs that are made to your exact requirements, it could be you're interested in one of our generic jigs such as an iPhone case jig, but your phone cases are a slightly different size, therefore we can send a modification quote to fit your requirements.  Alternatively you can opt for a custom jig for an item we don't cover in our generic printing jigs.

Our specialist jigs offer a more intricate service than our custom jigs, this area concentrates on specialist printer jigs for printing on intricate objects, unusual shapes and small areas.  These specialist jigs are completely bespoke and ideal for businesses that are producing items with complex printing or unique designs using a flatbed UV printer.  We can make custom jigs for leading flatbed printers, including Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh.

Why can't I use a standard jig?
Our standard printer jigs have been pre-designed, tried and tested.  We know they work extremely well and are ideal for printing on everyday uniform items such as pens, USB memory sticks and bottles. Our specialist jigs are custom made and are one off bespoke jigs that are designed to your product requirements.  These specialist jigs are very detailed and require complex design and testing before they can be made.


Here to Help

What flatbed machines do you cover?
We offer specialist jigs for Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh and other flatbed UV digital printers.  From the Roland LEF and SF range to Mimaki JX200.

Simply get in touch with the item you're looking to print on and we will do our best to create the perfect custom printing jig fit to size for you.  We will even supply a digital PDF template file that's compatible with leading design software.

Examples of generic, custom and specialist items we may cover:

  • Flatbed Printing Jigs
  • Large format flatbed jigs
  • Acrylic shapes
  • Digital set-up files
  • Blanks (blank shapes and product blanks for you to print on to)
  • MDF shapes and cut-outs
  • Tiny components
  • Little figures
  • Intricate objects
  • Unusual shapes

    What kind of products could be printed with a jig? 

    Golf Ball, Pen, USB Memory Stick, Power Bank, Charger, Compact Mirror, Bottle Opener, Sunglasses, Headphones, Water Bottles, Jotters, Card Holders, Trolley Coins, Luggage Tags, Mini Torches, Magnets, Travel Mug Lids, Badges, Business Card Holder, Speaker, Eco Friendly items, Notepad, Wireless Charger, Cable Tidy, Tape Measure, Keyring, Hip Flask, Lighter, Tins, Phone Cases, Money Box, Ruler, Stationery, Office Supplies, Gifts and many many more.


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