At Twiddleys we specialise in supplying flatbed jigs, blanks and bases to use on flatbed digital UV printers.  Drawing from our own experience and creating solutions to ensure consistency and accuracy with printing personalised products we have turned our knowledge into a ready made kit.  Our jigs and flatbed bases enable you to quickly, easily and efficiently change your production jobs.

What do we offer? 

Printing made easy and at affordable prices. It’s that simple!

Our Story
Twiddleys started out 16 years ago as a wholesaler and retailer of craft and card making materials and over the years our business changed direction towards personalised gifts and keepsakes for all occasions.  We began using flatbed UV printers to personalise our items and in particular Roland flat bed models.

Having direct printing capabilities we quickly started to offer a large range of personalised products, but struggled with the time it took to change and set-up the production jobs as well as achieving 100% accuracy and uniform items every single time.

It was at this point we started to explore options for solving these issues and over the years we have tried and failed with many processes and prototype solutions.

What did we try and why didn’t it work?

  1. Using blu-tack to position products: it still took too long to set up and we couldn’t guarantee accuracy in printing position or height.
  2. Sticking items down with tape: we had sticky marks on our items and it was still time consuming to set up as well as being inconsistent in the printing position
  3. Drawing a grid with tracing paper: we designed a series of our items using a tracing paper grid that included multiple gaps to place our items in.  This saved so much time and we achieved uniform printing, however after using them for a week or so they began to tear.  It was not a long term and durable solution.

The eureka moment….Acrylic jigs!
These two words solved everything and brings us to how we operate today. Even these have evolved and improved over time too.  Now our tried and tested jigs are known as They are durable, quick to change, easy to store, enable edge to edge printing and with our handy flat bed base it makes them universal with our kit. 

Pro Jigs:
Simply use our PRO jig system and install our flatbed base for use on your Roland, Mimaki or Mutoh flatbed machines and lay your desired PRO jig on top.  Our handy ruler guide makes lining up products so simple.  Each PRO jig comes complete with PDF template files that are compatible with leading design software such as Coral Draw, and Adobe Illustrator

Our PRO jig system cover models such as the Roland LEF 12, LEF 200 or LEF 300 series, Mimaki UJF-3042, UJF-6042, / MKII, UJF-7151, Mutoh VJ-262UF or XPJ-661UF. 

Generic Jigs:
We also supply generic jigs such as A4 and A3 sized for use on generic flatbed printers that are A4 or A3 in size.  These jigs are designed to be placed directly on to your flatbed printer and aligned on your machine.

Who can we help?

  • If you have a branded flatbed printer

  • If you have a generic flatbed printer

  • If you are looking for custom flatbed printing jigs

  • If you are a supplier, dealer, distributor or re-seller of flatbed digital printers we can supply you with our kit to offer as part of your portfolio.  

What can our jig be used for?
We offer jigs to print pens, usb memory sticks, phone cases, keyrings, tin, dog tags, shapes such as circles, squares, standard paper sizes many more.  If you are looking for something we don’t have or need a custom made jig then please get in touch via our contact us page and we’d be happy to help.

Here to Help

You can call us, email or connect with us via social.


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