At Flatbed Jigs some of our current jig may be compatible with your large format flatbed printer, we also offer a custom jig service where we can make bespoke jigs to your requirements.

Flatbed machines and models that may be compatible with our jigs include:

  • New Roland IU-1000F (large format UV-LED Flatbed printer)
  • Unbranded large format flatbed printers
  • Larger Mimaki flatbed machines

We offer printing jig solutions for a range of objects, from multi-purpose and universal jigs including square and circle sizes to jigs for specific products such as pen, usb, iPhone / mobile phone cases and much more.

Want more information?

We're more than happy to discuss how our jig system works and what jigs could fit your large format flatbed machine.  We can also provide you with a quote if you're looking custom made jig for something more specific. 

Here to Help

Get in touch with a member of the team today and and we can arrange for one of our specialists to go through the details with you.




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